Tulips in Water Beads

ARAR4951[1]About a month ago I bought the kids some water beads off Amazon so we could experiment with them. Before actually buying them someone recommended using them in your plants, from there the idea of planting something in them was sprung. Once they came in the mail we decided to test them out to see what actually happens so I took a small amount and put them in two clear cups with water. I let them sit in the water for roughly 4 hours and once I came back to them they had plumed up quite a bit. They were oddly fun to roll around in our hands and they bounced really well.


After we had played with the water beads that first day  I went to my local gardening store and picked up some potted tulips. They were grown but had not bloomed yet. These would be prefect for our science experiment, since my boys are still small they didn’t have to wait as long to see them bloom.

I placed several water beads in a clear vase with water and let them expand. Once the beads were plumped I took the tulips out of their soil and shook them clean. I placed the roots and bulbs about an inch deep in the beads. Because the beads are transparent when expanded my boys were still able to see the roots so we could talk about how they help the plant get water.


After the tulips were placed in the vase I put a small amount of water in the bottom, not touching the bulbs. I also put some fertilizer in with the beads to help the tulips get nutrients since I removed them from their soil. Once they were all set up I placed it on our kitchen window seal.

IMG_1284[1]Within the first several days the tulips grew quickly and began to bloom. My boys were excited to see the tulips growing and flowering. This gave us an opportunity to discuss every morning the various parts of our flower and how they help it grow. I’d like to do this again with the boys starting with just a bulb and each one with their own vase to care for.



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