Cozy Coupe Batmobile

Na na na na na na na … Batman!

For John’s first birthday I made him a Batmobile from an old cozy coupe, you know those Flintstones cars for toddlers. Wayne has always said if he wins the lottery he’s buying a Batmobile. While I can’t buy one for Wayne, I could make one for John.

We had an old cozy coupe van, not quite a car but it was free. I’ve seen several on yard sale sites online so you can probably find one for a fraction of the cost of a new one.

I used 3 cans of black spray paint and 1 can of yellow spray paint. I bought Krylon Fusion which is formulated for plastics.

To make the Bat logo I printed out some Batman symbols and made stencils. I used a trash bag over the car except where my stencil was and painters tape to hold it in place to prevent yellow paint going every where. After letting it dry I had a kid size Batmobile!

The paint has held up decently well over the past 3 years, some chipping where the Batmobile gets run into stuff. I’m thinking a clear sealant over it would have protected it better but my boys don’t seem to mind.


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