DIY Window Picture Frame


Do you like the farmhouse style? Then you’ll really like this DIY picture frame.

I was lucky enough to find an old window at our local community thrift store. If you can’t find an old window locally or don’t want to go on a search, here is a great looking window frame I found on Amazon.

After getting the “frame” I picked out some pictures I wanted, used a filter on them to wash out the color a little, then printed them out as 5x7s.

Before placing the pictures I cleaned the window really well, and to place the pictures I used a dab of hot clue to hold them in place. I free handed the “L” with a sharpie (if you use a sharpie and mess up just use an Expo marker to clean it away). After I was done with the “L” and placing the photos I had Wayne hang the window for me like a picture. It was quite heavy so we drilled it into the stud of the wall so it wouldn’t fall.

xo Tegan

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Since completing this project we’ve added to our family. When we moved over the summer I updated the photos. I didn’t use a filter on these, mainly because I forgot and then didn’t want to take it off the wall again. Here is the updated picture frame.


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