Coffee Bouquet



The coffee lovers bouquet of … well coffee. My husband LOVES coffee, seriously his favorite drink ever. For the birth of both our boys his only request for the hospital stay was to make sure we packed the coffee maker. Before we leave the house to go anywhere, he makes a thermos of coffee. It would only seem fitting to get my love a coffee themed Valentine’s Day gift, so I decided to make him a bouquet of coffee samples.



Supply list:

  • Bucket
  • Chalk
  • Tissue paper
  • Coffee samples
  • Sissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Sticks



The coffee samples I picked out are Frozen Bean Frappe Blends 6-Pack Variety. I’ve never bought these before so I’m looking forward to trying these out, I mean my husband trying these 😉. The pack says that the drinks can be made hot or cold, I’m personally more a fan of cold coffee in the form of a milkshake, but my husband prefers hot coffee, but these will work for both. Also, one of the flavors is Frozen Hot Chocolate, hello Serendipity.

To display the coffee samples I picked out a metal  bucket with chalkboard paint. The idea behind picking out this cute bucket with chalkboard paint is so that it can be re-purposed into a planting pot. I think some type of herb would look great in it with the type labeled on the front, or whatever function you see fit for such a bucket.

Once I had all my supplies laid out and ready to go, I wrote “Love” on the front of the bucket. You can write whatever you’d like here, I just recommend doing this first.IMG_9407.JPG

After you’re done writing on the front you can move on to hot gluing the sticks to the coffee. I used the sticks to help support the coffee and give it a more dimensional look to the bouquet. For the coffee pack that was used in the back, 2 sticks were placed to help support it (middle coffee). The next 4 had only 1 stick to help support them, I placed the sticks at different levels so the coffee would stick up at different heights. The 6th coffee pack did not have a stick and was supported by tissue paper. I did not use any Styrofoam to help hold the sticks in place; however, I did use tissue paper to help everything stay and not slide around.IMG_9408.JPG

Once I had all the coffee packs arranged in the bucket I placed tissue paper around each one to fill in the spaces. The tissue paper helped give it a more full appearance and stabilize the coffees.


There you have it, an easy to do Valentine’s Day project for anyone who enjoys coffee. I hope you have a wonderful day filled with love and coffee! 


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